Debate Challenge

CSA has a standing offer to debate any old-earth or evolution advocate, of any purported rank or educational standing (with one reservation, see 1. below), of any belief system: Atheist, Theist, Deist, Pantheist, or "Christian."


CSA will defend the Biblical position on origins. "For in six days the Lord God created the Heavens, the Earth and the Seas, and all that is therein" (Exodus 20). He could have done it in less time, but he apparently chose six days as a model He expected Man to follow. The exact date of the Creation is not known (at least by us) but ample Biblical and scientific evidence places it less than ten thousand years ago. We do not accept any variant of a Gap theory, theistic evolution, multi-billion-year earth + 6000 year "reconstruction" or other variant of "very old earth" but brief life history.


We accept a great deal of diversity among the created kinds from the initial few who got off the Ark, put this was planned and created diversity and adaptation, not evolution. Not once in the history of the cosmos, or of science, has a single living thing began, nor has a single new biological structure ever formed, by any process, much by a natural one.


We have only a few minor debate requirements:


1. Our opponent(s) must have at least a Bachelors Degree (Ph. D. preferred) and profess to have taught the topic for at least five years and/or debated at least a few times. (Our reason may not be obvious. We once accepted a debate with a person of unknown credentials. The debate was humiliating for him, difficult for us, and of little value to the audience.)


2. We will provide a maximum of two debaters for any debate, our opponents may bring all the help they want, but each team will have the same time, not each person.


3. We have no provisions regarding the composition of the audience, provided they do not participate in, or hinder the debate. They should be at least 11 years old, preferably older.


4. Audience participation in a Q & A session after the debate is welcomed.


5. Small scraps of paper will be distributed to the audience to enable them to vote on who they feel demonstrated the best evidence and reason under girding their position.


6. The topic of the debate will be agreed to in writing by both teams. It is often desirable to narrow the topic so more depth can be achieved, but this not a requirement. For suggested debate topics, see bottom of page.


We have debated in Colleges, Universities, Churches, High Schools, and Atheist Clubs. But, after all, we are Creationists, so, according to oft-published evolutionist claims, we must be completely uneducated and incompetent, therefore easy marks for any trained evolutionist(s).


If you are interested in this offer, as a sponsor or participant, please use the CSA CONTACT page.


Possible Debate Topics

  • Resolved that the Biblical Account of Origins is merely a Religious Myth with no value to science, whereas Evolution is a Scientific Theory that no scientist who is at once competent and honest would deny.
  • Resolved that the Scientific Evidence for Macro evolution (evolution across species, genera, families, etc.) is so great that only perverse and/or uneducated people would fail to admit it.
  • Resolved that fossil remains of Hominids provide a solid basis for reasonable men to conclude that Man has an Ape or Ape-like creature among his ancestors.
  • Resolved that the Radiometric (or Geologic) Evidence for the Age of the Earth in Billions of Years, Not Thousands, is so convincing that only unthinking fundamentalists and/or uneducated people would fail to admit it.

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