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Main Topic: Current meeting topics are below on this web page.
Date: First Tuesday of the month.
(Except rarely when there is a holiday conflict & Weather permitting.)
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Time: 6:30 P.M. Fellowship. Browse Book Table.
7:00 P.M. Meeting Start Time.
Meeting Format: Announcements: of Safaris and other events
Occasional teachlet, book review, etc.
Main Meeting Topic
Close: about 9:00 PM
Book Table remains open during post-meeting cleanup.
Afterglow: Some of us tend to go out for a treat at Perkins (75th & I35) after the meeting.
Location: Westbrooke Church

9777 Antioch Rd

Overland Park, KS 66211


U.S. Highway 69 in Overland Park, KS. to 95th Street.

East about nine blocks to Antioch, South ~ 2 blocks to 9777 Antioch Rd.

Child Care: Not provided at this time.



Monthly Meeting Details

(1st Tuesday of each month; content subject to change; no sign up or registration necessary.)



March 2, 2021

“Programming of Life" - the marvelous complex cellular control system. Was the master programmer of the cell the trinity of time, chance, & lady luck? CMI DVD 2011, “DNA Battles – Were Adam and Eve Historical?” (Was Eve cloned?) - Evidence Press 2018 DVD. Kevin Anderson moderator



April 6, 2021

Origin/History of Language (or "The ABC's of Moses") – Davy Penny presenter



May 4, 2021

“Our Created Universe - What you aren't being told about Astronomy”. Is self-creation of the universe (big bang/inflation) based on objective evaluation of evidence? DVD - Larry Rink moderator



June 1, 2021

“Is Genesis History?” – Radio Isotope Dating. (Disclaimer: Not a new website for singles.) Point/counterpoint by Stuart Warkentin and Dave Penny



July 6, 2021

"Modern Physics, an Alternative to Relativity, (Relativity Isn't Relative)" by David Penny



August 3, 2021

“Dismantled - a scientific deconstruction of evolution" 2020 CMI video - Kevin and Paula Anderson



September 7, 2021

“Genesis Impact” - Do the natural history museums display the truth about origins? Genesis Apologetics. Moderator Kevin Anderson.



October 5, 2021

“Aliens, UFOs and the Bible” CMI DVD - UFOs are in the news - Stuart Warkentin



November 2, 2021

Bob Farwell Tribute - creation ministry traversing four decades. – Paula and Kevin Anderson



December 7, 2021

Order of Melchizedek - Dave Penny and Kevin Anderson He:10 Ps 40:8



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