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ChannelOne News survey involving the teaching of evolution and intelligent design in school.


Channel One News is broadcast by television in schools five days a week to more that six million teens across the country. After a very biased news story concerning evolution in the science standards in the state of Florida, the news anchor asked the students this question:

What do you think should be taught in school?

  1. Evolution only
  2. Intelligent Design only
  3. Evolution and Intelligent Design
  4. None of these

The question was asked on Friday, February 15, 2008. It was an online survey. Students were asked to visit the web site to cast their votes. On Wednesday, February 20, they gave the results of the survey which are shown in the screen capture below from the web site. Nearly 1500 students participated in the survey. Here are the results:



I thought these were pretty amazing results, since students are taught in school that Darwinian evolution is virtually a fact. Students were also told that a judge in Dover, Pennsylvania had declared the teaching of intelligent design unconstitutional. The channelOne web site also taught students that only evolution is testable – ID is not! So the deck was decisively stacked in favor of evolution.


See both screen captures from the web site below. You can watch both broadcasts by going to the web site and click on the Livewire link along the top of the home page. Then type either February 15 or February 20 into the search criteria. Use the horizontal scroll bar to skip through the commercials. Enjoy!





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